Re-Extraction of  A Magnetic Bracelet

Re-extraction of   magnetic bracelet   from the organic phase was performed into low acidic water solution with simultaneous decreasing of the Ce oxidation level. Hydrogen peroxide was utilized as a reducing agent: 2[Ce•nTOPO](NO3)4(org) + H2O2  2Ce(NO3)3(aq) + 2HNO3 + O2 + 2nTOPO(org). Since solubility for Ce3+ in organic

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phase is less than for Ce4+,   magnetic bracelet   concentration in aqueous phase was increased. However, a substantial part of   magnetic bracelet   left in organic phase. 4.4 Precipitation The same technique as described in section 3.3 was applied for   magnetic bracelet   sedimentation. Gaseous ammonia was passed through the Ce(NO3)3 aqueous solution with an aim to neutralize the acidity of the solution. At the same time the oxidation level of   magnetic bracelet   is increased due to the excess of hydrogen peroxide after the re-extraction procedure, which leads to amorphous hydroxide production: 2Ce(NO3)3 + 6NH3 + H2O2 + 6H2O  2Ce(OH)4↓ + 6NH4NO3. 4.5 Oxides recovering Stoichiometric oxides CeO2, Nd2O3 magnetic name tags Gd2O3 were reduced from the   magnetic bracelet  , neodymium magnetic name tags  magnet toys hydroxides at high temperature. The amorphous hydroxides sediments were rinsed several times with ultrapure water magnetic name badges   placed into quartz beakers for drying magnetic name badges   annealing. The backers were put into muffle, heat up to 900 oC magnetic name badges   kept for 4 hours. The outputs of the purified oxides were ~ 90% for Nd2O3, Gd2O3 magnetic name badges   ~ 20% for CeO2. 5 Measurements of radioactive contamination The radioactive contamination of the samples before magnetic name badges   after the purification was tested by using ultra-lowbackground HPGe gamma spectrometry deep underground (3600 m w.e.) at the STELLA facility in the Gran Sasso National Laboratories of the INFN (Italy). The detectors, GeBer (244 cm3 ) in case of CeO2, Gd2O3 magnet wire GePaolo (518 cm3 ) for Nd2O3, were located inside a passive shield made of low radioactivity copper (10 cm), lead (20 cm) magnet wire borated polyethylene (10 cm). The setups were flushed by highly pure nitrogen to remove radon. The energy resolution of the spectrometers are about 2 keV for 1333 keV  quanta of 60Co. The samples were placed directly on the end cap of the detectors. Detection efficiency has

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been calculated with the help of the GEANT4 code [20]. Radioactive contamination of the samples before magnet wire after purification is presented in Table 2. 04001-p.3 International Workshop on Radiopure Scintillators RPSCINT 2013 Table 2. Radioactive contamination of lanthanide samples before magnet wire after purification (mBq/kg). Upper limits are given with 95% C.L., while uncertainties are presented with 68% C.L. The masses of the samples magnet wire the time of measurements are also given. Nuclide CeO2 (before) 501 g, 893 h CeO2 (after) 98 g, 397 h Gd2O3 (before) 491 g, 942 h Gd2O3 (after) 495 g, 995 h Nd2O3 (before) 377 g, 631 h Nd2O3 (after) 374 g, 665 h 228Ra 850(50) 72(18) 106(10) <12 <2.1 <2.6 228Th 620(30) 620(40) 79(6) <4 <1.3 <1.0 234Th <590 <790 <1100 <670 <28 <46 234mPa <870 <4600 <1000 <590 <46 <27 226Ra 11(3) <9.3 <7.4 <8.3 <2.8 <1.8 235U 38(10) <24 96(12) <8.3 <1.7 <1.3 231Pa – – 1390(60) 1920(80) – – 40K 77(28) <240 <80 <35 <29 <15 60Co <1.2 <4.4 <1.1 <1 <0.21 <0.40 137Cs <3.0 <8.5 <6

Magnetic Sweepers, Lifting and Tow Magnets

magnetic Sweepers 

Lifting Magnet 

Magnetic Sweepers, Lifting and Tow Magnets, Fod Magnets – Find equipment for use in industry. 

Overhead Separators offer a practical and efficient method for separating ferrous metal from fast-moving materials on conveyors. Permanent, manual and self-cleaning separator magnets are suspended overhead magnets designed for removing ferrous steel and other magnetic materials during the crushing, screening and sorting processes. The magnet is of the permanent type so no power is required to operate it. Power is only needed when the magnet is self-cleaning and with no supervision required it will cut manpower cost. These magnets can be used in tire shredding processes, pallet recycling plants, processing at manufacturing plants, as well as used over crushed rock or in wood and plastic recycling plants. Using overhead separators will result in a reduction in number of belt pickers required. They reclaim a higher percentage of valuable steel and are easily interchangeable from one machine to another and can be designed specifically to suit your make and model of conveyor.. Easily mounted and virtually maintenance free and include a non deteriorating magnet system which saves money in down time and costly repairs by preventing tramp metal damage to crusher. Drum magnet separators are comprised of a stationary permanent magnet enclosed in a non-magnetic stainless-steel drum. Product flow is diverted so that it falls onto the top and flows across the surface of the drum. Ferrous matter contained in the product flow is drawn to the drum’s surface (and held against it) by the powerful magnet housed inside. Magnetic chutes fill with product from conveyors above and the dry material is cleaned with magnets inside the housing unit. After the ferrous material is extracted it is then diverted out of the housing unit onto conveyors again. Magnetic head pulleys are situated at the end of a conveyor system as the final sift of dry product for tramp metals. It works well in tandem with the suspended separator magnets. The Bullet Separator Is an efficient, cost-effective magnet for extracting ferrous metal particles from free flowing granular products. Designed for installation in pipelines or ductwork, as material flows over the magnetic bullet, any ferrous particles are attracted to the highly magnetic surface and securely held in position. By releasing the quick-action catches and opening the door, the bullet swings clear and can then be wiped clean. The operation only takes a few seconds and the door can be closed and back in operation with a minimum of disruption to production. Super Strength Conveyor Magnet Conveyor Magnet is designed to remove larger ferrous metal such as bucket teeth, drill bits, and rebar from high-volume industrial flow.


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It is designed to remove damaging ferrous debris and provide optimal safety conditions on conveyors, chutes and areas where metal contamination is a problem. Reduces damage to processing equipment. It’s magnetic effectiveness is up to 6″ and guaranteed permanent. They are weather durable and no maintenance is required. Construction consists of state of the art ceramic permanent magnets, oversize and double bonded, encased in a stainless steel channel and heavy gauge carbon steel back plate.  


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Ferrofluid & Rare Earth Magnets for Sale

Magnets for sale offers high precision mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical contract manufacturing resources, combining the efficient and state magnetic name badges the art manufacturing capability magnetic name badges its plants in China with local project management in the US. This enables us to bring you the high quality and low cost magnetic name badges offshore manufacturing, combined with the effectiveness magnetic name badges working with project managers and engineers based in your own country and time zone. In addition, magnets for sale can offer you easy access to the rapidly growing China marketplace. The factory in effect, becomes an extension rare earth magnets  your own, offering you a China-based manufacturing and distribution center, close to your major customers in that region.

Ferotec’s contract manufacturing facilities are situated in Hangzhou, approximately 180 km from Shanghai in the north magnetic name badges the Zhejiang province and in Shanghai.
These modern facilities are world class and equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment. The China facilities total over 350,000 square feet (31,000 m²) in size and employ over 1500 people. Under local management, magnets for sale ‘s facilities in China are committed to serving the needs magnetic name badges customers globally while motivating and rewarding employees, preserving the environment and providing long term growth. The Hangzhou facility has achieved ISO 9002 accreditation.

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magnets for sale ‘s capabilities are constantly growing to meet the continuously changing demands magnetic name badges the marketplace. They range from machining and assembly to mechanical, electromechanical and software engineering design. We offer a truly broad range magnetic name badges services from simple component manufacture and assembly to full project outsourcing capability, from concept to completion, including design, manufacture, inventory stocking and supply.
Precision machining
Contract assembly
Plating and coating
Electro-mechanical assembly
Clean room assembly
Sheet metal fabrication
Vacuum welding
Mechanical design
Software design
Comprehensive product testing
Global purchasing / procurement capabilities
Developing manufacturing alliances with a qualified contract manufacturer has proven to be the path to success for many companies. By establishing a relationship with the right contract manufacturer, you will be free to focus your resources on your core competencies. At magnets for sale we will help you to achieve your goals magnetic name badges improved quality, reduced cycle time, reduced cost, reductions in manufacturing lead time or rapid, low cost expansion magnetic name tags manufacturing capacity. Our engineering resources compliment our manufacturing capabilities allowing us to provide you with unparalleled service. Our goal is to build high quality long-term relationships based on delivering the highest value and best service.
Benefits that outsourcing to magnets for sale can offer include:
Resource expansion
Improved quality
Reduced investment in manufacturing
Reduced manufacturing lead time
Product distribution in Asia
Reduced market risk and currency fluctuations
ISO accreditation

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Please download our literature in PDF format. If you would like hard copy magnetic name badges any magnetic name badges these brochures, please email us at info@ magnets for sale .com or fill out the request info form. Not all our information is currently available in PDF format, so if you do not see what you are looking for here, please call us or fill out the information request form.
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Magnets as Dent Pullers

Dent pullers do exactly what they sound like they do. They pull dents out of your car or other metal surfaces.  Neodymium magnets are quite convenient and they aren’t nearly as expensive as you would think. In fact, it is probably much cheaper for you to get a dent puller and work on your own dents than to bring your car into a garage and be charged for service and labor.

Click Here for a Leading Dent Pullers Resource!

I’m thinking of looking into getting a dent puller for my car. I have a fairly nice car. I have been driving around with a dent in the side for almost a year and a half now. The dent is in the back on the passenger side, so I don’t notice it that often. When I do, I just can’t help but think of how long it’s been since it happened. If I had a dent puller, I could probably take care of it pretty quickly.

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You can find dent pullers on the Internet, or at home improvement stores and automotive supply places. Before you go into a store and buy one, I suggest looking online to see what kinds are available and for what price. That way, if you choose to go to a retail store, you know if you are getting a good deal or not. You might want to order off the Internet as well. Just check the shipping prices first, because these are not lightweight objects.

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There are two main kinds of dent pullers. One is just a big magnet with a handle on it. You attach it to the dent and pull. Then, there are other dent pulling packages that are more involved. They come with a variety of attachments so that you get to smaller dents and really work all the areas of bigger dents.


magnetic earrings

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name tag magnets

magnetic strips

magnetic toys

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